Aircraft rental

Globe Aviation offers rental aircraft for pilots for free time flying and increasing experience.

Promotional flights

Globe Aviation offers you the possibility of circular – promotional flights for 1 to 3 people.

You can choose a flight around the airport, any country route or just the way you decide.

Try to be a pilot

Do you want to fly but also try something new and experience a good dose of adrenaline? Do you like to have the “backstops” in your hands? Take our pilot course. It is designed for everyone who wants to experience something more than just a sightseeing flight and really take part in a flight.


Only you and our instructor participate in this course. With this experienced instructor, you will experience everything that is involved in training a sports pilot, familiarize yourself with aircraft management, and try real flight in real-world conditions such as professional pilots.


Suitable for both men and women, persons under the age of 18 only with the consent of the legal representative.

Good medical fitness is required.


The condition is good weather, it should not rain or snow.


  • The ground preparation takes about 30 minutes (basics of aerodynamics, flight and aircraft control).
  • 60 minutes of flight (30 minutes of Flight Flight, Effects of Guides, Cursor Training, Aircraft Control + 30 Minutes 5-6 Flight Circuit). Two 30-minute blocks can be combined within one 60-minute session, as requested by the participant.

Number of participants:

This gift is for 1 person. Viewers Can Be Present. They can also shoot a movie and make photos.

What to wear:

Sporty comfortable clothing. Season All Year.

Reservation date:

At least a week ahead.

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