The Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL) is the initial pilot license for affordable price. It´s the midway between ultralight pilot license and Private pilot license. Course contains 100 hour of theoretical and 30 hours of practical training and offers benefits such as:

  • performing non-commertional pilot in command in single pilot, single engine, piston airplanes with maximum certified take-off mass 2000kg and up to 3 passengers
  • all flight hours are certified and cumulative for next trainings
  • flying under visual flight rules (VFR), during day, in controlled airspaces and to controlled airfields

Theoretical training can be untertaken online from home.

Applicant requirements

  • minimum age of 17 years for license issuance
  • medical examination of 1., 2. or LAPL class latest before first solo flight
  • valid radio-operator license latest before first solo flight
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