The goal of the training is to test the habits of the candidate in the class in question and to restore habits with the emphasis on safety and the proper implementation of procedures.

Entry requirements for training:

- Valid medical fitness min. the applicant's license and a valid license.


The course of the training

The scope of each training is assessed individually on the basis of a flight check with the applicant, his flight experience and the period since the qualification in question was invalid.


Recommended range of refresher training:

Time period and Recommended training


Less than 3 months                      The ATO may decide that no training is needed

3 mes. - 1 year                            Minimum 2 training sessions 1 year - 3 years

                                                    Minimum 3 training sessions more than 3 years of training First Edition

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Our office and training facilities are located in Sládkovičovo on Fučíkova Street 460. Training takes place at the airport in Nové Zámky and other airports.

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